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Dress making & tailoring

90 Days program

AMUS has established partnerships with various organizations, including the Department of Women’s Affairs, to tailor training programs for women. These programs offer income-generating opportunities by collaborating with different tailoring and clothing shops. Additionally, AMUS offers microcredit support to the trained trainees, linking them with microcredit support providers. This facilitates placement in associated jobs, leading to sustainable livelihoods for these women.


Certificate course on Sewing

30 days program

AMUS has been offering valuable 30-day training sessions to empower young girls and women with sewing skills. As a result of this training, women have successfully created a variety of items such as Nokshikatha, bed sheets, wall mats, kushun covers, Panjabi, and three pieces, amongst other items, in the comfort of their own homes. A notable few women have been able to develop their sewing skills into a profitable enterprise, which is commendable. 

Poultry farming training

7 days program

AMUS provided a seven-day training on poultry farming to members of a vulnerable group. Following the training, AMUS continued to provide technical support to the trainees. Additionally, AMUS assisted the trainees in securing economic support from various organizations providing such assistance. Such training and support services undoubtedly contribute to the economic well-being of the trainees and help to build their capacity in the field of poultry farming.

Cow and goat rearing

7 days program

AMUS has successfully conducted a comprehensive seven-day training program on cow and goat rearing for members of a vulnerable group. Following the training period, AMUS has provided continuous technical support to the trainees. Additionally, AMUS has assisted the trainees in securing economic support from various reliable organizations. Our commitment to empowering vulnerable groups in the community is reflected in our efforts to support the sustainable livelihoods of these trainees. We remain dedicated to building strong relationships with our beneficiaries while striving to achieve lasting positive impacts on their lives through our programs.


Vegetable cultivation

3 days program

AMUS recently provided a three-day training in vegetable cultivation to a vulnerable group. Following this training period, AMUS is committed to offering continued technical support to all trainees and assisting them in securing economic support from various provider organizations. By investing in education and support, AMUS is working towards empowering these individuals and helping them build resilience in the face of economic challenges. We view this initiative as a crucial step towards promoting sustainable agriculture and creating lasting economic opportunities for vulnerable populations.


HIV/AIDS prevention training

1 days program

AMUS has provided one day of professional training on HIV/AIDS prevention to vulnerable group members. This training will assist in maintaining individuals’ health and provide a connection to healthcare support organizations.


Mother and child health, Food and Nutrition

3 days program

AMUS has recently completed a 3-day training program focused on promoting health, food, and nutrition as preventative measures for mothers and children. The training aimed to equip AMUS with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain good health while also providing access to health support organizations. Through this training program, AMUS has gained valuable insights into how to best promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors among mothers and children. The information and skills gained through this training will be invaluable as we work to strengthen our commitment to health and well-being within our organization and broader community.


Risk Management on Natural Disaster

3 days program

AMUS has received a three-day training on disaster risk management to effectively ensure the safety of its employees and their family members during natural disasters. The training equips them with essential skills to manage the impact of these calamities in the most efficient manner. In addition to this, AMUS has established connections with several organizations that provide extensive support during natural disasters, thereby ensuring prompt and effective assistance in times of need. We consider the safety and well-being of our employees and their families of utmost importance and believe that such measures play a vital role in achieving this goal.


Certificate course on Butick

8 days program

AMUS has successfully provided an 8-day training program to a group of talented young girls and women on the art of buticking. As a result of this program, they were able to construct beautiful items such as Nokshikatha, bed sheets, wall mats, kushun covers, three pieces, and Panjabi, among others. A few of the participants have even ventured into entrepreneurship and are showcasing their creations on the market. AMUS remains committed to providing continuous technical assistance and support to these women as they continue their income-generating activities. Additionally, AMUS is proud to assist these individuals in selling their products to the public as they continue to grow their businesses. 



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