AMUS Sexual harassment

Understanding Sexual Harassment and Its Impacts: 

AMUS is dedicated to creating a professional and secure work environment that upholds respect and dignity in every interaction. Sexual harassment harms individuals physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Our team is actively working to address this pressing concern by exploring the various forms of sexual harassment and the impact they have on their victims.

Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual behavior, comments, or jokes that create a hostile work environment. We acknowledge the negative impact of sexual harassment and are committed to preventing it from happening in our workplace. We urge staff to report sexual harassment promptly and offer comprehensive training on identifying and addressing it.

At AMUS, our priority is to provide a respectful and secure work environment that is free from the scars of sexual harassment. If you have experienced sexual harassment or have any concerns about this issue, our HR department is always ready to offer support and guidance.

Effective Complaints Handling Procedures:

Workplace sexual harassment is a serious matter that has negative effects on employees and can create a hostile environment. This can lead to a lack of motivation, productivity, and confidence, causing a harmful impact on companies. At AMUS, our platform provides an anonymous and secure space for victims of workplace sexual harassment to report their experiences. Our goal is to empower victims and ensure they feel protected and respected, while companies can address these cases effectively and justly. We invite you to join us in taking a stand to eradicate workplace sexual harassment. Contact us today and see how we can help make your workplace a safer and more respectful environment.

When a designated person receives a complaint of sexual harassment, he/she will:

It is important to take immediate action after an incident occurs. Record all dates, times, and facts to ensure the details are fresh in your mind. Ask the victim about their desired outcome and ensure they understand the company’s complaint procedures. It’s important to work together to come up with the next steps, whether it’s an informal or formal complaint. Remember to keep all conversations confidential and respect the victim’s choice. This can be a difficult time, but know that you are making a positive difference by helping ensure justice is served. Remember, if necessary, the victim can also lodge a complaint outside of the company. Stay positive and always support those in need.

During the complaint process, a victim may receive support from a counselor within our company. AMUS takes responsibility for nominating a number of counselors who are specially trained to assist victims of sexual harassment. We acknowledge that such misconduct can occur in situations where power dynamics are imbalanced, causing victims to feel reluctant to speak up. Our organization recognizes the importance of supporting victims throughout the process of making complaints, and we will do our utmost to provide assistance in a professional and compassionate manner.

We are follow:

  • Informal complaints mechanism.
  • Formal complaints mechanism.
  • Outside complaints mechanisms.
Implementation of this policy:

AMUS is committed to ensuring that this policy is effectively communicated to all relevant stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner. To achieve this, we will undertake several measures, including the inclusion of the policy in the staff handbook. Likewise, new employees will receive training on the policy as part of their induction process. To promote accountability and involve employees in the implementation of the policy, we will require them to attend annual refresher training courses. We also expect all managers to play a pivotal role in fostering compliance by ensuring that their subordinates fully understand and adhere to the policy. By adopting this approach, we will ensure that we maintain a safe and harmonious work environment for our employees and all stakeholders.



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