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AMUS is proud to have worked in 1,533 villages across 163 unions in 18 upazilas, spread throughout eight districts in Bangladesh. As a reputable organization, we have successfully implemented 85 projects with support from local, national, and international donors, including government departments, bilateral donors, and foreign donors. Our approach is to always work in close cooperation with local government departments, such as the UPs, Upazilla administrations, district administrations, and Gram Sarkars, in accordance with our agreements.

At AMUS, we take pride in our extensive experience working with local administrations and are committed to meeting government-mandated requirements for government-supported projects. This includes full participation and coordination with the local administration. Moreover, we have developed a respectful and cooperative relationship with local government departments, integrating personnel from local government departments such as UP and Upazilla officials into each project’s implementation in various ways. Our ultimate aim is to implement projects with efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability while adhering to ethical standards and local laws.

The Ways:
  • Share all project goals, objectives, activities, expected outputs, implementation strategies, and information about their roles and responsibilities.
  • Integrate personnel from different government departments into different committees.
  • Ensured participation in different workshops, trainings, seminars, etc.
  • Invite them to every inauguration meeting of the project implementation.
  • Submit a copy of the report to the meetings of the Upazilla, UP, and District Coordination Councils.
  • Integrate the personnel from UPs and Upazillas in different organizational affairs and share the achievements, outputs, and problems.
  • Sought cooperation and support for different problems and difficulties.
  • Provided different training courses to UP personnel, LCS personnel, and Upazilla personnel.
  • Sought technical and material support from the UPs, Upazillas, district-level officials, etc.

AMUS is committed to providing quality training courses, seminars, workshops, and other related activities for its staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries throughout the year. To achieve this goal, we have established dedicated training cells with technically qualified personnel and fully equipped centers that offer essential facilities, including accommodation, dining options, technical materials, training modules, books, training aids, and equipment. We have 137 Upazilla sub-training centers, each consisting of three rooms and serving all Upazillas. At each sub-upazilla training center, an assistant upazilla training coordinator will head a team of three individuals.

Our vocational approach aims to empower groups and equip them with practical skills to thrive. Furthermore, in a participatory setting, groups can raise social issues of exploitation and identify deficiencies in legal, social, and welfare knowledge. AMUS commits to addressing such issues by facilitating the group through a process of identifying coping strategies and filling in information gaps related to social issues.

Donor of AMUS



Organize health and education activities to prevent population explosions.


Increase adult, child, and adolescent education to eradicate the curse of illiteracy from society.


Spreading preventative disease awareness programs for women and children for better health support.


Initiate pure drinking water and sanitation programs.


Organize awareness programs for the environment and biodiversity.


Conduct marketing activities for the products of the women.

Organize human and skill development activities for women and adolescents.

Organize groups for enhancing savings and supporting women through microcredit programs.


Initiate a program for trafficking women and children.


Arrange treatment and rehabilitation for the disabled.

Initiate income-generating activities for women and the organization.

Conduct research activities, auditing, and evaluation.

Overview of AMUS

Our story

About Her

Anupama Mitra, the executive director of our company, is a hardworking individual with incredible determination. Anupama faced physical challenges from a young age. Despite this, she persevered to become a self-reliant person despite the adversities she faced.

Through many trials and tribulations, Anupama was finally able to walk, although her right leg remained deformed. Despite these difficulties, she continued with her studies and moved to Jessore while studying in the 10th grade. Amar Paul, her husband, provided her with unwavering support throughout her journey.

Anupama formed a women’s organization and registered it with the Department of Women Affairs, Jessore, in 1992. She inspired women from various remote villages in Jessore to teach handicrafts and collaborated with WFP through the ‘Food for Work’ program from 1994 to 1996. Through this program, she trained a total of 250 individuals in embroidery, tailoring, poultry and cattle rearing, vegetable farming, and other essential skills that have helped transform the lives of many people.


Our organization specializes in high-quality embroidery work, with a focus on naksi sewing and the production of katha sheets, three-pieces, sarees, wall mats, cushions, and more. We’re proud to have experienced significant growth in our production, and in 2007, we opened a 200-square-foot showroom named “AIOZONE” to expand our sales efforts with an SME loan of Tk 200,000. AIOZONE has become a successful platform for us, and we now offer over 650+ indexed products with the help of 100 entrepreneurs and 50 group leaders, both domestically and internationally. Our annual sales amount to around one crore Tk, a testament to the quality of our work.

As an organization, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals and promoting self-reliance and dignity through education, health, legal awareness, leadership development, and human development, supported by both public and private funds. We’re proud to have won various local and national honors for our contributions to the needlework industry in Bangladesh, particularly naksi sewing, and for increasing its value both domestically and abroad.

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226, Nillgong Tatipara, Jessore, Bangladesh.

E-mail: amusjes@gmail.com